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US News And Its Range Of Tech News

US News And Its Range Of Tech News

US News And Its Range Of Tech News


Technology plays a crucial role in the economy. It is much responsible for the growth and development of a country. Every developing country focuses on its technological department, both the manufacturing and the service sector. Tech does wonder. Technology is the reason we are getting high-speed internet on our smart devices. It is also why humankind could manage to go to space and is continuing their space exploration. It improves our livelihood and also pulls out the economy from a bad financial situation. US News does a great job of covering all aspect of the tech. It brings forward the best and the most vital of tech news. Today, we are going to see two such news. They are opposite of each other and yet revolves around the same department, technology.


Tech companies saving the economy


In the current times, the economy is facing some tough time. It is not only the global pandemic dragging it down but the recession. However, there was a piece of good news for the stock market. The late-day rebound of the technology companies uprooted the stock market from the slump. It helped the S&P 500 to gain after three long weeks. On that day, Wall Street saw a volatile day that broke free the market’s losing streak for the past three days. That is the thing about technology. It is one industry that will never be going to stop innovating and creating more. Several studies have shown that technology is the industry that can pull an economy up. And it did just that with the stock market. When the market kept facing losses over three weeks, the tech companies gave them a win.


The S&P 500 increased a 2% after cutting back from the 1% downfall that followed another 1% rush at the beginning of trading. On observing, it was realised that the other stock indexes also showed a similar pattern. However, they finished with substantial gains. It was S&P 500’s biggest win since June. Everyone was worried as the index slipped under the red zone for a short amount of time, but originally, the market thought that it is how it will be for the rest of the year.


The Mars 2020 project

The rover sent to Mars in the previous year finally makes sit touch down on the dusty red planet. The rover goes by the name Perseverance. Still, now T=he flight controllers are checking all of its systems. So far, there was not any dispute; everything seems fine.

The rover has a seven-foot robotic arm, which it finally got to use. Its plan on the red planet has already been decided from Earth. It is supposed to drop in the protective belly pan, then release Ingenuity, the experimental helicopter. After that, it will head for the ancient river delta, collect some rocks, and come back to EArth. Its main motive is to collect those rocks. So those scientists back on the home planet can move forward with their researches.


However, as the rover landed in a perfect helicopter landing location, it doe not need to move ahead with its belly pan plan. So it can launch the helicopter and get on board with its another duty, that is to collect the rocks. Scientists at the NASA headquarters are assuming that all this will be done by late spring. However, the discussion lies on which route the rover should take for its journey to the river delta. There are two options, one being the smoother route that will take the rover to the nearest delta region, and the other is a tougher path that has some remaining intriguing materials from a once-watery about three to four billion years ago.


US News range

The above two tech news will give you a hint of the wide range of US News. They do not take it likely when it comes to bringing forward the best of the news. We have only talked about technology, but there are other important grounds that US News covers. They make sure no stone is left unturned. They explore every field and investigate every nook and corner and provide their readers with the best.


It is your ultimate one-stop station for all your current affairs and the latest news. Their presentation is top-notch, with a bold headline and a relevant photo. They also keep their article simple and full of valid points. The readers get sucked into their words because of the fine threading and framing.

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