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Recent happenings in the USA can affect Technology and Investment Market

Recent happenings in the USA can affect Technology and Investment Market

Read on to find more about the recent happenings in the USA and how have they created an impact on the rest of the world. (perks of being a leading superpower of the globe).

Republicans fighting against Biden aid for COVID-19

The Republicans are highlighting a major flaw in the USD 1.9 trillion packages announced by President Biden to offer relief for COVID-19 affected individuals and businesses. As per their claims, such a move is eroding the public money for a pandemic that is almost over. Further adding to the stance, they claim that the Americans would vote for locking the bill once they realize the repercussions that would be caused by the extravagant spending. The strategy would prove volatile for the future of the country.

Update on the Mars Rover mission

NASA’s perseverance mission has taken the first hit of the week, after being launched and gaining significant limelight in the past week. The rover landed on its position two weeks after setting off from the planet to search for signs of life on the planet. With more than above expectations, the entire team is expecting some positive returns. Checking the photos clicked by the Perseverance cameras, everything seems fine and the flight controllers are checking for further updates on the system.

A flaw in Microsoft affects about 20000 organizations

The recently patched flaws in the email software of Microsoft Corporation have compromised about 20000 US organizations, as per the latest reports. This hack has caused loops of issues amongst the credit unions, small businesses, and government unions who are highly dependent on Microsoft products. Many organizations in Asia and Europe have also been affected by this glitch. Microsoft is currently working on resolving the patch and is steering up the activities of the services team to offer 24/7 hours of customer help for a quick resolution.

Micro Strategy buys 205 bitcoins worth USD 10 million

Micro Strategy Inc, one of the biggest backers of Bitcoin has purchased about 205 bitcoins by paying the stated cash amount. And with this, it has further pushed its boundary of holdings on cryptocurrency. As of now, this business intelligence company holds 91,064 bitcoins, with an aggregate purchase price of USD 2.196 billion and an average purchasing price of USD 24119 per bitcoin. This has further put up the stock values of Bitcoin and created massive changes.

Antivirus software creator charged against cheating investors

Antivirus software creator John McAfee has been charged with money laundering and fraud by multiple investors. The reason stands that he had fooled them of about USD 13 million and shown zealous promises of the merging cryptocurrency market. McAfee is also charged with his partner Jimmy Gale Watson Jr., who is considered as one of the primary players of his cryptocurrency team. The proceedings would be beginning in the federal court and charges of tax evasion and other crimes would be deliberated during the discussion.

A jump in the hiring numbers add optimism for US economic recovery

Hiring in the USA has again accelerated and the companies have added a whopping amount of 379,000 jobs in the market. This comes as the highest in a month after the COVID-19 pandemic and is a positive indication of the growing economy amidst dropping cases and a rise in the vaccination program. Though it is just a fraction of 9.5 million that needs to be risen for reviving the economy, the steps are promising and are sure to make a positive impact.

Nevada State shows concerns about Lithium mine in last days of Trump administration

In the final days of the Trump administration, a proposal of creating a Lithium mine was passed and now the State has filed a federal lawsuit against it. The Environmental protection agency is paranoid of the impact that it would be creating on the people and wildlife staying in the Oregon region. The void in safety regulations would be judged by the Bureau to understand the concerns and stop the project before it takes the advanced form.

Breach of frequent flyer details within Airline IT provider data

A breach of data has been observed in the IT company that processes the ticket generation of major global airlines- including Star Alliance and One World members. And this has also impacted the details of frequent flyers maintained by the website. More than 400 airlines have been affected and the degree of impact on each is being studied. As a quick measure, the frequent flyers have been warned of changing their passwords with immediate effects.

Tech rebound pulls out the stocks from the slump

Wall Street Journal has finally come out of the continuous three-day losing streak in the market. The S&P 500 gained 2% after witnessinga 1% skid that followed a 1% surge at the start of trading. Other stock indexes went through similar ups and downs but finished with solid gains. This has set up a positive start to the week.

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