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Best 5 Investment Channels On Youtube

Best 5 Investment Channels On Youtube


New to the investment market? Or you just want to brush up your skills? Apart from reading blogs and magazines, investment channels on YouTube are a great way to get some useful insights in stock markets. Buy youtube subscribers. The visual explanation, examples and detailed theoretical review can actually help you to invest better. Although there are dozens of channels on YouTube related to investment, we have narrowed down the list to the 5 best investment channels.


    1. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing:

About: Phil Town is an investment advisor and a Hedge Fund Manager. He is also New York’s three times best-selling author of the books: Rule #1 and Payback Time.


His YouTube channel provides a detailed insight into the field of investing from scratch. His videos range from various tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid to detailed discussions regarding various aspects of investment. His InvestED podcasts are also quite enlightening, as he discusses various topics with other people. Their conversation can help you to know some useful tips from every angle.


Frequency: He releases two videos every week.


2. Tradersfly:

About: Tradersfly is an all-inclusive channel of Sasha Evdakov. Sasha has written ten books on investing, personal finance and marketing. Some of his books are: Mindsets of a Master Stock Trader, 20 Rules for Investing Success, etc. He also has a website called Tradersfly where he offers various services and courses related to investment.


Sasha’s You Tube channel is a free guide into the world of trading. His channel has videos focusing on the details on some important topics. He also hosts live streams and interviews different people on their experience. His videos are of great help if you need to understand basic concepts and know the techniques.


Frequency: He releases one video every week.


3. Preston Pysh:

About: Along with Stig Brodersen, Preston Pysh has written many books and has a website named ‘Buffett’s Books’. He has a great forum on his website and also offers courses related to investment.


Preston runs a YouTube channel, where he teaches people to invest in Warren Buffet style! Some of his videos are quite lengthy and run for over an hour. He provides detailed insights by focusing on a topic at a time. Apart from making videos on investment and market, he also makes videos on Bitcoin trading.


Frequency: He releases two videos every week.


4. Zacks Investment News:

About: ‘Zacks Investment News’ is a You Tube channel of the investment company ‘Zacks’. Zacks provides a complete solution to investing. They focus on funds, stocks, finances, personal finance and screening.


Zacks Investment News is a very comprehensive YouTube channel focusing on picking the correct stocks, ETFs and company analysis. They also have other short videos on various topics.


Frequency: They release around ten videos every week.


5. Fidelity Investments:

About: Fidelity Investments is a financial services company. In their website, they have a detailed blog and investment solution regarding investing, brokerage and retirement plans.


With short and comprehensive videos, ‘Fidelity Investments’ is a great YouTube channel to learn about the various aspects of trading and investing. They have various videos to help you to guide into the world of trading if you are a beginner.


Frequency: They release two videos every week.


Whether you are new to investing or you just love watching videos about trading, these 5 investment channels will keep your eyes glued onto the screen!



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